Bring The Best YOU To The Party

Presented by Jim Olsen

Business is always at hand, even during the party season.

Party tips for the business person:

  1. Just go. If you were invited, it means that somebody likes you. If you don’t go, you may lose that connection or worse yet, insult them.
  2. Bring the best YOU to the party. The best gift you can bring is authenticity… the authentic you! Relax and have a generous heart. Be thankful and appreciate the relationships, whether family or business.
  3. Leave the sales pitch at home. Don’t be a salesman. Have fun, or you may not be invited back next year.
  4. Be the listener of the party. It’s not about you. Enjoy getting to know others. It’s okay to ask people what they do and it’s a great time to laugh about business, but it’s not a time to corner someone for business purposes only.
  5. If you want to follow-up with someone after the party, send a quick email or card reminding them where you met. Let them know you enjoyed visiting with them. You might even like to get together for a 121 or invite them to your Benchmark Referral Group meeting.

If you want to make a quick phone call, it might sound something like this:

“Hi George, this is Dan… We met at the Holiday Party. (“Oh yeah, Dan. How’s business?”) Business is doing well, and I’ve been thinking about what you do. I get together with some business people every Wednesday for lunch. We exchange referrals and share business. I’d like to introduce you around to my friends.

“Dan are you looking to grow your business? (Sure) Great, could you bring some cards and join me for lunch on Wednesday? (Sure that sounds great Dan… Where is it at again?)’

Enjoy the party season and remember, the best gift you can give is YOU