Have you ever noticed that no one ever hangs up the phone while they are doing the talking? When getting to know someone new, the worst thing you can do is all the talking. But what do you say after you exchange names and shake hands? If you’re at a networking event, the next sentence may be, “What do you do?”

And then after that, how do you keep the conversation going? Here are some great questions to ask a business person that you’ve just met or to ask new acquaintances at a networking event. These questions will help you keep a conversation going and perhaps, even open up the possibility of a future referral relationship.


  1. “What kind of trends are you seeing in your industry this year? “
  2. “May I ask, how did you get into the _______ business?”
  3. “Are you doing much on Facebook? What do you find is working?”
  4. “Are you networking for a specific reason today?”
  5. “What’s your favorite client to work with?”
  6. “Have you seen a lot of changes take place in your industry over the past couple of years?”
  7. “So, tell me some stories. What’s been happening in your business lately?”
  8. “What do you like best about being a ___________.?”
  9. “If I were to look for someone in your business, what are the key things I should look for?”
  10. “How are you different from your competition?”

AND Finally,

The most important questions to ask are:

  • “How can I know if someone is a good prospect for you?”
  • “And what would you like me to say to them when I find them?”