How’s Business?

Presented by Jim Olsen

How many times has somebody asked you that old standard question: “How’s business?”

What do you say? More often than not the answer goes something like this: “Busy, busy, busy.” or “Great!”

Look at what happened to this Realtor. Whenever people asked, “How’s Business”, a Realtor responded in a way that he thought sounded positive and upbeat. He thought that if he told people he was busy that they would be more likely to use him because it would be obvious that he was successful. He would say, I’m busy, busy, busy” or “Haven’t had a day off in weeks” or “Just listed five homes.”

Then one day he ran into a friend and the friend said, “Hey, we just bought a house.” The Realtor was shocked that his friend had not used him as his Realtor.

The friend continued with, ”We would’ve come to you but we didn’t want to bug you. We were just looking… but saw this great house and ended up buying it.”

Has something like this ever happened to YOU? It’s an expensive lesson. Don’t let your potential clients go to anyone else, even with the simplest questions. Make it easy for them to call you every time.

The next time someone asks you, “How’s Business?” or “How’s it going?” Try this response:

“Business is going well and it’s important to me that you know that I always have time for you, your family or friends. Call me anytime you have a question.”