Your Team

Presented by Jim Olsen

“Your Benchmark Referral Group members are your passive sales team, your advocates and your referral partners; always working on your behalf. “

DEFINITION of an advocate: “one who pleads the case of another.”

When a Benchmark Group member becomes an advocate for your services, you have achieved a rewarding relationship of closeness and trust. They become your referral partner.

Why referrals are better:

  1. Studies show you spend half the time selling a referred prospect than non-referred.
  2. People come ready to buy.
  3. Referred prospects have greater loyalty.
  4. Referred clients are more likely to refer you to others.

Four ways to convert members into Referral Partners (RPs)

  1. Give them something to talk about with memorable presentations.
  2. Do one-to-ones (121s) with key members who can be a continual referral source for your industry.
  3. Deliberately nurture those key relationships with care and reciprocal referrals.
  4. Be there for them. Commit to helping them grow their business.

Your Referral Partners will GLADLY refer you when…

  1. You make them look good.
  2. Give them success stories to tell.
  3. Follow-up promptly on all referrals.
  4. Say thank-you every time.
  5. Return the favor and refer business to THEM.
  6. Nurture the relationship and stay in touch, with:
  7. Visits and phone calls
  8. Newsletters & Email marketing
  9. Blogs & Social Networks
  10. Your Benchmark meeting

Develop and build a list of people that know, like and trust you; those people who will gladly and continually refer to you, as you do the same for them. They are your Referral Partners. Treat them right!