Park Place is a women-owned and majority run company fundamentally changing the experience businesses have with their payment processor. In an industry first, we have a single-minded commitment to service, from our Payment Checkup™ thru the life of each account.  

With a professional sales force and an award-winning, in-house service team, we feel owners should "Love Your Processor".

We educate by giving business owners our free no obligation payment checkup, an audit of your current processor.  In this, we will directly compare your current providers cc rate, service and technology directly against what we can offer (using our transparent rate card - allows our members to save as they grow).  10% of the time this analysis becomes peace of mind, as we suggest those with a great fit to stay with their current provider.  Amazingly, 90% of the time the results show Park Place can add value. 

Ignorance is not bliss, especially in cc processing; it can be quite costly.  Our goal is to help owners learn whether their current processor has their best interest at heart OR are they taking them for a ride.  Don't you want to know?  It's easy to find out and I enjoy being a resource.